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Volatility disappears the more the supply is diluted / used. As it stands Bitcoin is fairly unevenly distributed allowing those who hold much to make big impacts on the market. Then of course the view of it as a volatile asset causes some investors / users shaky hands and when they see even slight downward trends, they immediatly hammer the sell button, which is of course a feedback loop. If Bitcoin is distributed more evenly, big holders have less of an impact on market value and volatility decreases.

Also Bill Gates couldn't buy all of them and barely even notice. There are of course several problems with this statement, let me list them:

Not all bitcoins are currently listed on exchanges, the exchange market isn't very liquid.

Not everyone would sell their bitcoins.

Assuming both of the above wouldn't exist, as soon as Bill Gates started putting up huge buy orders, the demand would go up, causing the suppliers to increase the price until supply and demand are in equilibrium. As Bill Gates wants to buy every single Bitcoin, we can assume that demand is infinite. Which would mean that no matter how much the price is increased, demand still exists and thus the market price of bitcoin would tend towards infinity.

Also Bitcoin has a market cap of $8,149,533,010. Bill Gates has approximately $76 Billion. Which means, if the price of the bitcoin wouldn't increase as I said above, he could buy every bitcoin only less than 10 times. Which he would definitely notice.

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