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Future Apple gumble could lock fanbois out of their own devices

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I mostly noticed the part that says

"The system would sense a device's proximity to other devices, networks or locations, before deciding the level of security that is required."

For the last, I don't know, ~15 years my mobile phones stopped locking the screen when "sensing proximity" to the car's BT hands-free kit. In a sense, it is a location determination: I am in my car, so I don't want to punch in my password and I am reasonably safe. If I forget the phone in the car but the engine is switched off the screen will be locked - smart, eh?

[Aside: my current "smart" phone can't do it out of the box, but there is an "innovative" app for that.]

Will all that start infringing on Apple's IP once they are granted the patent?

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