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Well, the idea is you probably don't want some random stranger who finds your phone being able to see everything stored on it (after all, it's really a pocket computer - that happens to also make calls). So you set a password. But when you're sat in the squaller of your own abode, you probably don't want to have to enter the password every time you want to use your phone. So, as the phone has a GPS chip in it, why not see if you are at home before insisting on the password.

Seems like a "small win". However, Apple's plan is to get you to use your phone for pretty much everything - a kind of universal remote on steroids. You can see that this plan is going to be a total pain if you need to endlessly prove who you are before you can: turn the heat on, pause that movie you're streaming, or turn the lights on. So have the phone run with less security when you (and it) are safely ensconced in your council flat makes that dream easier for us (and hence more profitable for Apple).

Now is this a "good thing"? I don't know, I guess - given how often you get some pointless company calls you when you are trying to watch some ultimately disappointing film. Perhaps they'd be better off creating "iSlob" that watches the film for you and then tells you: "it's rubbish, you didn't miss much".

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