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I may be wrong but the way I understand it is "a way to render the device inoperable if it gets to unusual places". So... turn a mobe into a landline then? Smart move!

The "usual" places for me (as, I suspect, for most people) would be home and workplace. I do have landlines in both, I don't need no mobe there. I may, however, take my bike and go for a few-hendred-km tour with friends. During that tour I may have to call home (that's the very reason why the handbrake plagued me with a phone to begin with) to reassure people that I wasn't run over by a lorry or that I did not hug a tree at humpteen hundred km/h. By definition the "tour" would lead me to "unusual places" -at rather high speeds, too-, that's the whole point of it.

So... in addition to being a software patent (Boo hiss; and not exactly anything innovative or non-obvious, either), it is a particularly dumb one. No? It's the phone equivalent of that dumb Yahoo! thing that won't allow me to log on from abroad; because obviously a webmail platform is not intended for "roaming" users... or is it?

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