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Future Apple gumble could lock fanbois out of their own devices

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"In its patent, the fruity firm wrote: "To provide a reliably pleasant and secure experience for a user operating a mobile device, it can be desirable to modify security settings or other device behavior based on a detected location."

I can understand how this makes the device a touch more secure, but I'm not sure how that can be described as a 'secure experience' unless, for example, this extra level of security somehow prevents muggers from attacking the user to steal their device - and if that happens, I'm sure it won't be pleasant.

Cynically, I can't help but think if you can persuade users that this will 'provide a reliably pleasant and more secure experience' and they must therefore allow apps to use the device's ability to get their location, be that via GPS or network stuff, then be sleight of hand they've allowed other apps to gain access to that location stuff.

How granular are these things on Apple devices? Can you enable an option like that for just one app/feature, or is it all or nothing?

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