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speed of light...

My understanding is that the speed of light is the maximum, because that is the mechanism for the propagation of fields. The concept of vacuum was invented to allow this definition to be precise. Hence, speed of light in vacuum is c. Speed of light in jam <c. Tachyons(?)>c.

Only, since then (19th century), we now know the vacuum is not empty, but a "seething quantum foam", so it appears that things can get slower, just not faster - and the fastest thing we know is a photon.

Although it has not been measured (to my very amateur knowledge), I believe that if the sun was to disappear the loss of gravity and light would be simultaneous. If the sun exploded, the shockwave would probably take hours/days...any astrophysicists want to chip in with real numbers?

My understanding of this article was the SN model was not correct...


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