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There's certainly an idiot here, but it's not Franson.

If you'd read anything beyond the El Reg write up -- you don't even need to read the original paper, even some of the "Einstein wrong!!!" press reports got this part right -- you would know that this El Reg's cockup, not Franson's.

Yes, it's well known that there should be some hours between the arrival of the neutrinos and the photons. The problem with SN1987A is that the difference is several hours longer than our best theories of supernovae say it should be. Franson's proposal deals with that discrepancy quite neatly.

Whether he's correct remains to be seen, but if we're going to call somebody an idiot, I nominate the person who used the words "guess" and "assume" about a well-established physicist rather than read one link deeper.

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