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Lionel Baden

The day I saw Red

I learnt the expression "Seeing Red" is a literal term. No Joke...

New build property, 3.5 month to get phone and broadband. although paying full price for both

Claims there were no cables laid to the property, I quite happily explained they were sticking up the side of the house just not connected.

2.7 months into ordeal of phonecalls

Crews working on other properties on the same estate wire up my property, they managed to get the paperwork after a month on needling their manager.

Finally a Kelly engineer turns up, i have moved all the furniture for easy access, i laid out all the equipment for him. and he then states there is no broadband install ordered for my property (I saw red here) He then tries to put through a charge at a later date for £130 as there was already a phone line.

So order broadband and end up paying for 2 phonelines, 2 phone packages and 2 broadband connections.

i was offered £25 for my entire ordeal.

I managed to get back around £500 for overpayment, lack of service, mobile dongle(no wifi spots), and data usage.

It was the worst experience of my life with a company. I have never been treated so poorly.

There is more to the story and more details i have skimped on, but to explain in full would require much to much time and would get rather monotonous.

I have many positive experiences with BT, and their older engineers are of a class second to none. Who care about their work and the customer. I still believe they are the best choice for most consumers.

I have had 2 problems with kelly's, mind you that they have only visited twice speaks volumes.

I was a self employed IT Consultant who worked from home the entire time this happened.

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