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Not impressed with BT. I called at my mums to look at her BT bills. She has been on the same broadband package for years which has a 10GB allowance. Typically they were hitting 20GB per month. So I called BT to change package and was informed that they could have infinity for the same price she pays now but there was a £30 connection fee. I asked if it could be waived for a longstanding customer who has been hit with extra charges for over use. Not liking their response I asked about cancelling the contract which is long expired and was told she would have to pay a £30 fee to have it disconnected. This apparently is buried somewhere in the T&C's which would have appeared onscreen when she first setup her broadband. I find this completely underhand and I would love to know when this came into affect as she has had this package for some time. If anyone knows a way round this I would love to know. The money is not the issue I just hate caving to these scum.

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