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BT engineers - missed appointments


Openreach are to the infrastructure as G4S is to security. And, indeed alarm company ADT.

They are a poor umbrella / management company with countless sub contracted individuals leaching off the name. I have noticed in London that they have run out of vans, even and sending joe bloggs and his crimping tool into establishments with only a 2x2 sticker on their C reg Astra van.

They are a running joke, like BR was in the 80's. Thing is BT 'for real' aren't any better, the sales and account management is diabolical, especially in highly congested areas like Mayfair - I have seen 100+ grand sales (annum) for BT vaporise this year so far because they couldn't be arsed to get back.

Openreach took nearly 3 months to connect my second line at my home office. 9 engineers. The issue was the overhead needed replacing, but that required work and they get paid a set fee per call out so would rather not do work. I was told, by one of them that geo-stationary satellites caused the interference and since I was so close to Gatwick flight path I was always going to have CRC errors. Despite another xdsl line in the house being fine.

The short of it is that it is almost entirely at the discretion of the engineer as to whether he does his job or not. There is no peer review, there is no where else to go. there are no standards, due care or retribution.

When I did my school work experience, aged 15 I spent 2 weeks sat in the back of a big yellow British Rail Lorry playing Gin Rummy and drinking tea. Apparently this was because they got paid triple time on weekends and so didn't want to clear any tickets. They still got paid though.

Every single time. Every.Single. Time. Every single time a new line goes in at countless London clients sites, whether it be the Gherkin, a Regus officem a shared building or a wholly owned building of over 2000 people. EVERY SINGLE TIME a new line goes in the Openreach engineer will snip and use the nearest LLU line (easynet etc) since it doesn't have a dial tone - but is the neatest one and VERY CLEARLY MARKED. EVERY SINGLE TIME. He'll go away with an easy job, next engineer will come out and know what happened and have to put it right. I think it's a game they play. (Although I wouldn't be surprised if they charge the LLU's!)

Openreach is clearly not working.

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