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In, my case which is still ongoing, I reported a voice fault to my Telephone provider BT retail last wednesday i was given an estimated time to fix the fault of 5 days so it should of been sorted yesterday monday , but wasn't And yes i waited in all day, a complete waste of time as no Openreach engineer showed , still have no dial tone, I have contacted BT via e-mail and i was informed i may need to wait until this Friday ,as BT openreach are apparently saying that there are a lot of faults in my area,(utter non sense) The best bit is that an BTopenreach engineer is responsible for the fault in the first place ,whilst fixing/connecting other lines at the local PCP they disconnected one of the 2 wires ( D 'side Pair) leaving only the broadband service working , and this same thing has happened before,

And the BT retail (outsourced- based overseas) customer service is abysmal

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