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BT engineers - missed appointments

Naadir Jeewa

This is OFCOM's stupid written response:

"In terms of our role, our regulations stating that one should be in place relate to Service Providers that supply and charge end users (customers) for the service rather than Openreach.

Whilst I am unsure as to the nature of your complaint, I should explain that a consumer’s contract is with their provider and as such, they have no relationship with Openreach. In the event that a there is a problem with their phone or broadband service, or an issue about the work that has been done at their premises by an engineer, they should raise this with their service provider.

The provider has a duty of care to have a duty of care to manage their customer’s complaint, ensure that Openreach are doing what they can to sort out the problem and update their customers as things progress. Their service provider can liaise with Openreach as necessary.

If a consumer remains unhappy with the way their provider is handling the issue, they may wish to follow their provider’s complaints process. Details of this should be shown on their provider’s website, or can be obtained from their customer services department directly."

So, OFCOM don't understand basic principal-agent theory. Given that BTOR is the monopoly copper provider, what means of compellence does a end-user customer have if they have to go through an intermediary to whom BTOR withholds information?

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