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No show and they still try and charge me

I booked an engineer to come and shift my Master Socket last week. It was an afternoon appointment but the engineer failed to show so when it got to 6:00pm I rang BT to find out where the guy was. I then spent 40 minutes being transferred and put on hold before I get to someone who says the job has been done and there is nothing he can do - even manages to hang up on me mid-sentence. A few days later I receive an e-mail saying that my supplementary bill is available online and sure enough, an additional £130 has been added to my next bill

I have complained to BT a couple of different times and have got a response back from one of their forum moderators where I also posted about this. The guy was as helpful as he could be and he said the charge would be removed from my bill - 4 days later it is still there.

It is a really crap situation as I don't have the time to keep on chasing this with BT and if I cancel my direct debit and refuse to pay I will end up wasting my time having to go through the whole thing again and probably getting blacked marked for something that I shouldn't even have to pay. Still, there is no way in the world I am losing £130 to these clowns. As soon as this is sorted then I am ditching BT

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