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We had a very nice but extremely stressed OR engineer arrive for a mid-morning job in Machynlleth, mid-Wales. His next appointment (as dictated by the master 'puter at Openreach) was in Oswestry (50 miles east, 1.5 hours driving time if roads are clear, 3+ hours with roadworks, tractors, caravans, wind-turbine transporters and straying sheep), and the one after that was in Barmouth (60 miles west from Oswestry, 30 north from Machynlleth). Even before he left us, there was clearly no way the third job was going to be possible before that customers site closed, but there was apparently no way to change his pre-set schedule to visit them first, then head east and finally return to base after office hours. All OR's estimated travel-to-site times are apparently based on a 'national average', which round here is about as useful as a 4G handset down a slate mine...

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