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No-Show and fed rubbish !

Living in a rural part of the UK, all the copper is up on poles. At the end of last November, the line went very noisy and Broadband dropped out, 10 days later very skilled Engineer came out and fixed.

Ditto december, ditto January but this time it was a no-show.

Winging a lot, I was told that it was a 'new' ticket (my jargon) and another 10 days would pass. Explaining that they hadn't done any thing with the first 'ticket' and may I speak to the suppervisor's supervisor , they fixed it in 3 working days. (Excuse was Engineer had tested it in the exchange and line was OK ! = rubbish)

Meanwhile the telco '3' has a new mast with G3 on it nearby ! It's speed if on occasion up to 6MB/s. and the copper offer 1MB/s tops often less, I bought a WiFi dongle andget the familly's tablets, laptops etc running on it.

As soon as I've got my Linux (Ubuntu 12.04) Desktop PC running on it I'm ditching the landline as an expensive joke.

(This OS is a bit picky as to WiFi Dongle and a compatible one should be with me this week)


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