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Yup. TalkTalk has the majority of lines on response level 2, so was getting around 90% of faults passed to Openreach 'fixed' in 48 hours. At the back end of last year this figure dropped to 65%.

All of this is due to 'MBORC' being declared. All faults marked 'MBORC', or in areas marked 'MBORC' are not included in the statistics, and all targets and agreements are immediately removed from these jobs.

The best past is Openreach keep marking faults as MBORC in apparently 'clear' areas without saying what is outside of their control on that fault. There is nothing the ISP can do but sit and wait.

So, the response from BT should be taken with a pinch of salt, as it will not include the massive proportion of MBORCed jobs stuffing everything up.

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