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"BT engineers themselves are bloody good eggs"

The older ones with actual BPO experience are.

Younger ones are usually cowboys whose sole intent is to get in and out as quickly as possible. I've had several show up, plug in a test set, listen for dialtone and leave, marking the line as fixed - when the complaint was foreign battery on the line - and an immediate retest showed it was still faulty.

One of the older guys explained it thus:

BT allocate about 40 minutes onsite per fault. Faults are paid per item closed, not on time taken, therefore it's not in their economic interest to deal with "difficult" issues. Ditto with installations.

The end result is that it took 6 years(!!!!!!) to get a faulty drop cable between the building and street replaced. That took care of 90% of the problems I'm seeing, however the engineers feely admit both the street distribution cable (to the local distribution cab) and the trunk cable (cab to exchange) are both rotten - I've looked at them when cabs and covers were opened and they're lead-sheathed, paper-insulated items with markings indicating they were installed inthe early 1960s (I quit the telco industry in the late 80s and have more than enough experience to identify cabling. Then I spent the 90s in the ISP game...)

BTOR older engineeers state the usual way of trying to "fix" customer complaints is to simply swap lines around for the "least-bad" pair (which is what was done with my building drop cable until all 11 pairs failed). That simply gives another person the rotten one.

BT have repeatedly claimed to Ofcom there is no paper-insulated or aluminium cable "in their network" - attempts to dispute these claims with Ofcom have met with hostile responses, even wehen complainants have evidence.

I've been informed from a reliable source that the definitiion of "in their network" stops at the distribution cabinets. Street cables don't count. Nonetheless it'd be interesting to call the bluff of anyone making this claim and asking them to make it a statutory declaration in front of a judge. The penalties for perjury might just cause them to rethink the claim.

It's not just BT who need to be dealt with firmly on the abject failures of Openreach. Ofcom have shown themselves ot be entirely too credulous on BT claims even when conflicting evidence is available. Refusing to reinvestigate is hard to escalate when Ofcom's staff seem to be disinterested in rocking the boat.

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