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BT engineers - missed appointments


I tried to switch to BT phone and fibre in December. My flat was ready for fibre had an appointment on the 14 Afternoon.

My Phone an adsl was disconnected in the morning from my previous ISP. The BT phone was connected from midday, The Openreach engineer showed at 3pm plugged something to my wall socket, went off for an hour no idea what for, came back unplugs the something and tells me He could not install the internet and another engineer have to come and do something outside in the box and I will be given another appointment.

They give me and Appointment for 14 January then changed to 18 January. I give them 7 days to finish the job.

The following week I spent several hours in the phone to cancel the contract and get the money paid in advance. They keep passing the buck from one operator to another no one wanted to cancel the contract finally they disconnected the phone on Xmas eve so I had no phone or internet for Xmas and New Year. in January the took the money from my direct debit I again spent several hours in the phone to get someone to cancel the direct debit and give me the refund of one year I paid for the phone in advance, finally someone called back and said that I will get my refund in 14 days I am still waiting. I want to take BT court for wasting my time and refund my money. Any advice?...

I called Virgin Media they give an appointment within two weeks and the cable was installed in time no hassle.

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