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Had our line connected yesterday by Kelly Communications, apparently a part of BT (or so the guy said) - couldn't be bothered arguing. They turned up on time with no bother at all and even managed to avoid the massive holes left by the builders how are redoing our road at the moment.

Unfortunately he wasn't able to actually do anything as our line was cut and he couldn't find the manhole as it was snowing so he went off muttering something about BT arranging another appointment.

A couple of hours later an openreach engineer knocked on the door saying "I know I've not got an appointment booked with you but I thought I'd nip in and chance you being in". He also connected something to the socket and then disappeared.

20 minutes later he came back saying that he'd fixed the issue but there was now a problem at the exchange. So he picked up all his equipment (weyhey!) and off he went saying he would see if he could get into the exchange but it didn't look likely.

I came back this morning and the phone and bb worked so whatever he did must have worked. Unfortunately he never told me his name so I can't thank him.

Perhaps it's cause I work for BT? However I doubt it as its in my g/fs name.

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