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You have scared the bejesus out of me now. I'm waiting on an engineer to come and fit infinity on Friday. This after having had three orders cancelled without so much as letting me know. I would have wasted those days sitting in if I hadn't checked online to see that everything was going ahead as agreed over the phone.

So from my end, it's not the engineers that are the sole problem, their order system is clueless, the online tracker is slow to update and sparse in it's information when an order isn't going through. I have been sent the hubs multiple times (including the delivery charge) due to the orders being cancelled their end.

As is typical with BT and the way it's all structured, one hand doesn't know that the other is picking it's nose in the car park whilst on a fag break.

Hopefully Friday will pass without incident, don't much fancy a third week in my new place with no access to cat pictures.

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