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We moved house on Thursday and had booked BT to move our line on that day. However the wires on our building had been cut and the phone point removed.

On Friday I had a terrible 30-45 minute phone call going round the automated system, then another 30 minutes with the polite call-centre operator; worst bit was when he said "without the order number we cannot proceed". I've moved house and have no broadband... how am I going to find that? Thank goodness for mobile broadband!

Anyway, next day (SATURDAY!) the BT Openreach engineer turned up and confirmed that the wire had indeed been cut. He said he was using a temporary van, so I thought he'd just bugger off. Instead he phone in and another BT Openreach engineer arrived.

We were up and running within an hour.

Summary: engineers were great, booking system was crap.

I'll let you decide whether my experience was good because they were able to charge me £99 as the fault was on my property.

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