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So you are a Linux beginner and the first thing you want to do is to "clone virtual machines" ? Yeah, sounds like the best recipe for a M$-sponsored Badmouthing Exercise. I guess that is the whole point of the article. Windows is much better in the bribing business, as there is more money involved than in the Linux business.

So you want to really learn something new ? Remember how you did it in school: Go to the library or bookshop and get yourself a tutorial book. One that explains concepts as opposed to explaining dumb-down GUIs.

Unixoid systems (and thereby Linux) are all about

A) understanding key concepts such as files, STDIN, STDOUT, root vs normal user, permission bits, processes and the like, device files, file systems, regular expressions and the like

B) a small set of powerful commands/tools such as rm, ln, mv, vi, ps, ls, kill, grep, perl, cat. xargs, cut, split, sed. Learn those key commands/tools properly and how to combine them. They are NOT AT ALL cryptic to those who have actually taken time to learn them. They will allow you to automate lots of repetitive stuff and be much more productive than any blinking, shining GUI.

If you really need GUIs, then please stick to Windows, the OS of the MBA Generation.

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