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"So what you are saying is you are jumping out of Oracles greedy clutches where they are making less revenue on HW (meaning they are charging less to customers)"

That is not what it means at all. Revenue = top line sales. Profit = profit. Legacy Sun is making far less in sales, but higher profit margins through price increases and support cuts on the systems they are still selling to people who haven't had time to migrate yet. People were migrating off of Sun anyway. When Oracle decided to increase prices and decrease support, the migrations started to happen at a faster rate.

"Solaris innovations that reduce customers costs and moving to Linux where you are in RedHats greedy hands or maybe IBMs greedy hands?"

Oracle is a Linux first shop themselves. Oracle DB, WebLogic, etc are all developed on Oracle Enterprise Linux and then ported to Solaris and everything else. The flagship Exa systems all run on Oracle Linux (i.e. a fork of Red Hat Linux). Solaris is definitely tier two to Oracle Linux at Oracle.

"Why is IBM doing so well? Because more than 50% of its business is services and when complexity is king, service revenue is king."

Always have to laugh at this one. IBM was/is the ORIGINAL integrated/engineered systems company. They got into integration services because Oracle, Cisco, EMC, etc argued, persuasively, that the integration work was worth the price flexibility and avoiding lock-in. Now that Oracle, Cisco, etc have saturated their component markets, they are making the integration argument. In other words, the same thing they argued against to become as large as they are today. Yes, if you agree to buy everything from one vendor and pay whatever they think is fair, there will be less integration... because you have no choices.

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