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What should Oracle do with Sun

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I'm a 15+ year Sun veteran and now with Oracle and what you are saying makes no sense. So what you are saying is you are jumping out of Oracles greedy clutches where they are making less revenue on HW (meaning they are charging less to customers), have been heavily investing in Solaris innovations that reduce customers costs and moving to Linux where you are in RedHats greedy hands or maybe IBMs greedy hands? Have you seen RedHats rise in revenues? Its from selling services. Wonder why theres such an increase in service revenue for Redhat? Because they are charging more for services and the complexity of Linux is getting worse requiring more support. Why is IBM doing so well? Because more than 50% of its business is services and when complexity is king, service revenue is king. Sounds like you are jumping out of the frying pan and into the flame. Don't get burned.

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