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Oracle's excuse for the massive fall-off is that they are just ditching the low margin x86 servers (not including Exa, obviously) that Sun used to just about give away. That couldn't possibly be the case. As listed below, Sun's x86 server sales at their peak were only $707 million per year. Even if Oracle stopped selling any general purpose x86 servers, it would not come close to explaining the gap. It is Sun Sparc, ZFS arrays, StorageTek, and basically everything non-Exa that has fallen off. Oracle needs to stop messing around with Sparc. Everyone hates Sparc, even the Solaris die hards. They should just port Solaris to x86 and kill Sparc. Oracle is just making themselves look ridiculous in comparing Sparc to Power. No one believes those absurd benchmarks who has worked with both Power and T Sparc, which then causes them to question everything Oracle says about Sun.

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