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I REALLY don't see any advantages in placing accelerometers or gyros in the wingtips over simply placing them in the fuselage. The bank angles remain exactly the same. Yes, accelerations get somewhat increased, but mostly about the wrong axis (roll becomes a vertical acceleration) thus needing a lot of extra filtering and introducing much more overhead. Simply placing the gyros as close to the CG as possible is going to make things much easier. Also, don't forget we are talking about a low power system (probably 5 volt). Have you got any idea what a 5v signal does when going through a 1 meter cable (even a shielded one?) the signal quality will most likely be horrible. And even a shielded cable at high altitude will be very susceptible to working as an antenna, scrambling your signal even further. My vote is to keep wires short, and keep the electronics in the central cargo package.

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