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I think we're on the same page here. To summarise: a GPS to tell it in which direction to fly (navigation) and a MEMS gyro & accelerometers to detect and control aircraft attitude, keeping it within the controlled flight envelope, whilst it heads there.

You wouldn't need accelerometers in the wingtips though, and just looking at differential readings from one in each tip would only tell you how much the wing was flexing. However, whilst this wouldn't be important for the actual flight it might be of interest to the aero and material science students working on the airframe design as it would provide useful comparison data between the predicted and actual structural behaviours.

I think an active uplink to the aircraft would be fun but would add weight, complexity and power draw, and would be another potential point of failure, not only by simply not working but by latching on to the 'wrong' signal, should one just happen to be present (you'd have to ensure a secure and authenticated connection).

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