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Well, it's correct insofar as Magnus referred to insufficient speed:

" before the plane has any speed relative to the rod..."

but I agree that static friction will always be greater than kinetic friction i.e. it'll take more force to overcome static friction and get it moving than it'll take to keep it moving once it's started.

Whilst I still also agree that a long cantilevered rod isn't a good idea, I don't think that icing will be as great a problem as I used to believe it might be: a thin layer of low-temp grease along the rod will act as a release barrier between any ice and the rod, and unless there's a really heavy build-up of ice along the rod then the force of the rocket should easily dislodge it.

Seems as though the SPB are fixated on a rod though, so I just hope they'll come around to the idea of shortening it quite a bit; it just doesn't need to be very long, given the very rapid build-up of thrust from the motor, and unless they somehow mount it way off or misaligned with the axis, or it burns very unevenly, neither of which are likely, then it'll fly pretty damn straight once the motor is going (contrary to common belief, the only reason it should divert from straight flight, once the rocket motor is burning, is if another additional force acts upon it).

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