Mozilla ices Firefox 4 beta 12 release to nail final bugs

Beta 11 seems to work okay for me...

I suppose none of us should be extrapolating isolated, anecdotal data points out to a pattern, but I've been using FF4b11 as my primary browser for some time now (Arch linux, for whatever it's worth), and maybe it's just my usage profile, but I find it faster and lighter on memory than FF3. I have had it crash perhaps half a dozen times, and I inexplicably can't can't upload photos to Facebook's simple uploader. But I've forced it to accept some incompatible add-ons, and Facebook is a pile of junk, so this is not exactly a scientific experiment.

I don't doubt that a lot of people are having problems with it, it's beta software after all, and I had occasional anomalies even with FF3. But if we're looking for anecdotal data points, mine is "good enough as-is for me." (I humbly request a "meh" icon.)


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