Ten... over-ear headphones



One thing that really really gets me is the crappy quality earphones that you get with apple products and other pmps and the amount of people that happily use them..

They sound terrible! Even a £10 pair of buds from HMV is a 10x improvement over the crappy free ipod earphones..

When commuting in london I regularly see obviously well off people well dressed with ipads and so on, and they're using the shitty free apple earbuds to listen to their music.. They've spent 500 quid on kit to listen to music on and have crap earbuds.

After all when buying hi-fi the recommendation typically is you spend 50% of your budget on amp and sources, and 50% on speakers.. these people have spent 100% on source..

Its almost like spending £500 on a decent blu-ray player and then hooking it up to a 14" black and white crt TV.

Personally due to the amount of background noise while commuting and the fact I'm not loaded I have spent around £60-70 on a half decent set of in ear buds. I would probably only spend the money on the ones listed above for home listening which I don't do much of.

Even so when friends see them and ask how much they cost the reaction is usually "£60 for earphones?!!"

I just don't get it.. I spend more time (1 or 2 hours a day) listening to these earphones than I do my home hi-fi setup, in terms of £s per hour of usage my earphones cost a fraction of a penny per hour..


sorry, rant over.. bloody apple consumers, all style over functionality...


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