Disconsolate Spanish smokers driven out into blizzard

Anonymous Coward

@mickey finn, eh you just did

That smoking cost the country more than it receives in tobacco tax is a deliberate lie.

Smokers pay more tax both on tobacco and alcohol as they consume more than their non-smoking counterparts. Hence the decline in the pub business and the increase in VAT

If we believe that smokers die younger then overall they receive less pension and health care, and wont be wanting to live off our children's future earnings, whilst they trundle their zimmers around in senile circles, druling the while.

It has been suggested that smoking increases resistance to other environmental pollutants which is handy given the way the environment is going

Smoking reduces appetite, explaining where all the fit bird have gone. Obesity also kills people younger and the tubby eating machines create more CO2 due to food production and processing then smokers do even excluding the extra timber needed for the supersized upcoming door frame increases.

So in summary non-smokers are tight wads who pay less to the state in taxes but and want to live as long as possible off our children when they get to pension age. On top of that they insist on limiting the lives and pleasures of people who don't share their beliefs and insit on making all the totty into lard arses. Non-smokers should stay in a plastic bubble where the nasty world can't get at them and allow everyone else to live as they please.


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