Enormous 1km ice-cube machine fashioned at South Pole


It's just a cover story.

The neutrino detector is real but its real intent is not as a research tool.

We have long suspected any significant daemonic incursion into our realm is oft preceded by significant neutrino discharge from the tainted locus. A detector this size will help warn us early and thus allow us to mobilise in time to meet the incoming threat before it establishes a significant foothold.

It is hoped that any cult summons of any significant power from beyond will be detected and dealt with swiftly anywhere upon the globe.

The reason the detector has been deployed to the Antartic, aside that of the site giving an unprecented view of the world from the south pole, is also that of it being so conveniently close in proximity to the Antartic subglacial lakes, long suspected of harbouring, and being a reservoir of taint

And... I would be saying too much, but not all we have been burying in ice down there has been detector gear....

There is a war... there has always been a war... Only it's been quite hidden for many many years.


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