Fanboi primer: How to move your iTunes from PC to Mac

Jobs Horns

iTunes? Forget it!

My experience with iTunes on Windows convinced me that Apple could not organise software on that platform, and would be unlikely to have the savvy to organise it on a BSD-based platform either (although Apple's conversion to a real, as opposed to an insanely proprietary, platform is welcome).

Revising files under arbitrary labels, such as music instead of user-allocated ones, losing album art and/or replacing it with obviously wrong alternatives, losing details carefully entered repeatedly - you name, iTunes did it. So I gave up, and now my recordings are in the bright new world of Android, with files moving easily between that and, dare I say, Windoze. Simple file management allows me to change details - and they stay put! What a relief to be shot of that pile of Jobsian turd that is iTunes.


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