FBI brass ask Google, Facebook to expand wiretaps

Big Brother

@"have a way to unscramble encrypted communications"

Unscramble encrypted communications? ... Oh great, how long before the law mandates access to all our data?! ... leave our passwords with the (Police) State ... If this wasn't so serious it would be surreal, like watching a scifi film of a growing global Police State?!

Privacy? ... it seems that was a pre-21st century concept, simply due to the lack of a technical way to systematically violate everyone privacy. Now we have the technology, they increasingly move to want the ability to spy on us all without end.

Well at least the Police State builders in the US won't have any problems pushing this through over here, as our MP's would be more than happy to roll over and force the law changes through regardless of which party is in power at the time. (As they unfortunately keep showing). After all our MP's in all parties appear to be desperate to be leading the world in the creation of a Police State.

Interesting how its the countries that keep reminding us we are all free, which are actually the fastest growing Police States. In hindsight, it makes sense they have to keep reminding us, otherwise we may see the truth. :(


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