Hotmail's antispam measures snuff out legit emails, too

Re: Wake up and smell the ros^H^H^Hfertiliser

"ANY site, and I really do mean ANY site, that does 'filtering' is going to have either false positive or false negatives or most likely both."

Well I'm betting M$ will start blocking all emails and claim it is better because it has no spam whatsoever. I use Gmail and have no problem with sites (though I do get college recrution email a lot) spamming me. I'd rather have false positives sent to my inbox than false negitives deleted for all eternity. If I have to email or recieve email for an important assignment like a midterm paper, I'm not going to want hotmail deleting willy nilly. If that did happen and I was unable to get into a job after college or recieved a low score I would so sue M$.


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