Sophos debuts freebie anti-virus scanner for Macs

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As the article at itself states, this bit of malware is not fully baked. I repeat: the only real OS X malware are a few Trojans. And you have to recall that the group making the warning is Intego, who have in the past been known to be somewhat... sparing... with the truth in their malware warnings. As of the last time (the very last time) that I visited their site, they boasted that their A/V software 'protects' against malware including the Scores, WDEF, and NVIR viruses. Those particular viruses cannot spread on any version of the Mac OS since System 6, and cannot run on any version of the Mac OS since System 7. It's impossible for them to do anything to OS X... or to OS 9. They say that they include those ancient malware to cover those who use Classic, but as Classic _is_ OS 9, running in emulation under OS X, and as those items can't run in OS 9, that claim is pure and simple bullshit. And, in any case, there's no point in covering _anything_ that works with Classic when a vendor makes a release of software for OS X 10.5 Leopard or later, as _Classic doesn't work in Leopard_. Apple killed it. This means that any malware for any version of the Mac OS prior to OS X is dead, dead, DEAD. It's ex-malware. It'd be pinning for the fjords if only Norwegians would let it into their country. And yet Intego _still_ lists 'protection against Classic malware' as a feature on their latest version, for 10.6 Snow Leopard...

If even Intego states that the threat from koobface for Mac users is minimal, I'd say that a better description is 'nonexistent'. I simply don't trust the buggers.


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