Ten... iPhone 4 cases


@ Mark Fin

OK, lets take this nice and slow, shall we?

The register does reviews sometimes.

If there are a lot of different things that do the same job, it does roundups of what it reckons are the 10 best.

Things that get reviewed include software, hardware (including mobile phones), and accessories hardware (including mobile phones).

One of the most important accessories for smart phones are cases, that protect the expensive little buggers from being damaged.

If there are lots of them, then it makes sense to do a roundup review of the 10 best.

There are bazillions of different iPhone cases, and much fewer cases for other phones, so it therefore makes sense to do a roundup of iPhone cases.

What in there is giving you trouble? Apart from a knee-jerk reaction that anything printed about Apple that isn't derogatory must be because the writer is a brainwashed apple zombie who cannot make reasoned judgements of their own? Or the apparent belief that because you don't want a case on your phone, anyone who wants a case on their phone and is interested in what the options are must be a freak.


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