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Dock compatibility / headphone use???

Seems a limited review as it doesn't cover some major issues like the fact that some skins and cases make it harder to fit the phone into a dock and some make it near impossible to fit any but quite slim headphone jacks. These were the deal-breakers when I buy a case as charging and playing music from my dock accounts for a large part of the life of my iphone.

For the record - the Pixelskin case offered in Apple's case prgramme is great in this respect. Fits easily into a 3rd party (Altec Lansing) sound dock and the matt finish rubber has a high quality utilitarian look that won't make you miss the great looks of the uncased phone.

Also, as my free case took months to arrive I really didn't notice any reception issues with the antenna (unless I tried really hard to show off the Apple fail to mates). In the interest of balance, I'll say that I do have very dry small hands - so conductivity and covering the corner may be less of a problem. Much, much more of an issue was the dodgy proximity sensor which was horrendous but has now been fixed by the recent software update.

So despite a ropey start - with that horrible proximity sensor - the iphone 4 is the now best phone I've ever had by a long way.


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