ACS:Law's mocking of 4chan could cost it £500k


ACS:Law : "Criminal" attack on website

The "criminal" attack on their website is different to their criminal breach of Data Protection Laws by ACS:Law. Thank you, El Reg, for making this so clear.

Andrew Crossley knows this, I'm sure, but is trying to spin for PR (in my humble opinion).

It was serendipity on that part of Anons, from all corners of the net, not just 4chan but anti-anti-piracy activists and good people who never/rarely to go 4chan. Never underestimate the creativity or a bored bunch of teens. has always been the main hub, but as it's very decentralised, there are lots of little hubs.

I would remind people with weak stomachs not to peruse the 4chan boards.


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