Bill would let feds block pirate websites worldwide

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Woo, anti-american jingoism unleashed!

I find it bizarre that reading comprehension overseas is so flawed when it's clear that we "merkins" are the stupid, slow ones.

Regardless, I feel compelled to point out that

a) The bill in question applies only to US citizens visiting other sites and is thus not policing the rest of the world

b) The bill has the support of only the most idiotic 10% of our senators

c) The bill was rejected before - with the largely same crop of greedy, RIAA-pocketed pols in power *and* a more corporate-friendly president

d) Brits are hardly in a position to be acting sanctimonious about internet censorship, given that the US currently has absolutely none, and you guys are stuck wondering whether cartoon tigers will get you thrown in prison.

Fair enough? I await your downvotes.


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