Are plasma TVs killing radio?

My Plasma trouble fixed by Pansonic

In Jan 2004 my neighbour got a new toy- a Panasonic Plasma TV.

All radio from radio 4 198 khz to shortwave 30 Mhz was blotted out, not FM radio 4 (95 Mhz) as some have incorrectly concluded.Tests proved it could be heard 400m away!

To cut a very long story short 11 months later Pansonic engineer arrived from their UK HQ with a replacement screen which completely cured the problem.

Panasonic took measurements before and after so they including their Japanese HQ know of the

problem and how to cure it.

I have since found out that some Toshiba sets which used the same screen gave similar problems.

My cooperative neighbour was rewarded with a considerably brighter picture !

Panasonic engineer admitted that he had dealt with several other cases.

Please note that I have no objection to the majority of Plasmas including most Panasonics which do

not cause inteference,everyone has a right to interference free reception whatever someone elses view of Radio 4 or any other station may happen to be.

Have been hearing some Plasmas are OK for about 2 years then something deteriorates so interference starts to be a problem.

Didnt involve Ofcom as they are less use than a chocolate fireguard.


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