'Clickjacking' worm hits hundreds of thousands on Facebook


"Virtually every browser is vulnerable, although many browsers come with safeguards that can make exploitation harder."

Virtually every browser is vulnerable, although many browsers are used by the clueless which regardless of safeguards makes exploitation trivial.

FB users and links to banal subject matter... kittens and balls of wool.

Perhaps my experience helps me realise that links/topics such as the one used for this exploit are drearily commonplace, often predictable and are seldom worth the effort of a click. It can't be common sense that stops me clicking such links, for by definition common sense occurs frequently, is usual and shared amongst humanity. If it was common sense, no one would click such links.

Is the average FB users life so empty that a link entitled "LOL This girl gets OWNED after a POLICE OFFICER reads her STATUS MESSAGE" becomes such an exciting opportunity to seek entertainment that it cannot be ignored?


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