Android on an iPhone? There's an app for that


@AC.... again...... for the last time........

Bloody apple fanboi trolls.

Erm, are you stupid or merely pretending to be (troll like fashion) - apple only does proprietary, numpty. They are totally protectionist even to the point of censorship.

What I'd like to do with MY phone is MY business NOT anyone elses and certainly not apples.

As for iTunes, well, perhaps one of the most badly conceived and executed apps of all time as well as the previously mentioned protectionism.

To educate you, go to and/or download the trial and be amazed at what a reasonably well thought out media player & management app can do - it makes iTunes look very, very stupid indeed. It's just a shame that apple keep on screwing with their interfaces to break compatibility with this & other apps that manage not only the music and playlists better but also the portable playback devices.

Lastly, adding insult to injury - all apple products (even apps) are top loaded here in the UK (perhaps all of europe?) so a $0.99 app is £1.72!

Yeah, apple is really a great company, ripping off it's customers, enforcing censorship not only on it's customers but also other businesses, shafting it's own shareholders . There is no defence of apple that makes any sense other than greed, so do not bother trying.

As I originally said, I am voting with my wallet and will not be lining apples pockets with any of my hard earned. If you wish to sustain apple with your money by buying it's products whilst it treats you like a chump, that is entirely up to you.

Let me pre-empt your slagging that I will be buying into Android and all that it entails...... Right now IMHO Google really is far less evil than apple.


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