Minister: Banks should give ID cards to people with no money

Anonymous Coward

will "Problem" please meet "Solution" at the customer service desk?

So the government comes up with an ID card that literally NO ONE wants, not the public, nor the airports, nor the banks. And all they can do is run around telling each of those groups that the other 2 groups are waiting for THEM to finally get their ID cards. Operating under the assumption that 2 or more groups of people would never talk to each other and find out what's really going on.

Divide and conquer I think the motto is. Maybe Meg Hitler needs to hitch her wagon to a more divisive issue?

"Hey chavs, do you hate RICH PEOPLE, get ID cards and I promise to kill all the rich people and give their money to you!"

"Hey toffs, do you hate CHAVS, get ID cards and I promise to kill all the chavs and use their bones to make glue!"

Sad thing is, that actually has a better chance of working than what she's doing now. I think God ran out of brains and took a piss in her skull.


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