Power7 v Power6 - it's all about the cache


Let's not wait until 2013

Nehalem-EX will have 8 cores but less performance per core than EP.

Bulldozer will stuffer from the same more core less performance but core problem.

SPARC64 Venus aka VIII was canceled a year ago and Oracle has no interest in it.

T3 will be 12 months from now and will still be the slow cores but 16 on a die. It is not until yellowstone falls that Sun finally has a single thread performance chip. That is when Sun goes back to a four core chip with 8 alternating threads. Crazy as it sounds but I have seen the roadmap. They also hope to get to 3GHz...yippeee. The problem is Larry wont have the patience or desire to invest in such a low ROI which has a good chance of being another chip which turns out to be a ROCK.

Check out the SAP and Java benchmarks for the T2+ and Power7.

Time to be open to new technology.


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