Men more different from chimps than women, say boffins

Answers to the unanswerable?

>>"I'm sure you and the author must be freaking brilliant and have all the answers to the unanswerable."

No, that'd be people with all-answering religious tomes you'd be thinking of there.

By contrast, science actually progresses by people knowing and admitting that there are questions that they can't yet answer, and waiting until they've done more than invent myths before declaring the question [probably] answered.

That's why science is generally a highly successful way of finding things out, and why it *so* annoys the people who want to believe different answers.

They can't find fault with the reasoning, so they frequently try and attack the people involved for being 'too clever'.

However, coming from the kind of people who typically make such comments, that really isn't likely to be seen as an insult.


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