Boeing 787 Dreamliner set for first flight

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I've done a flight home to Washington, DC from Paris on an Air France Airbus -- a 380, iirc -- and those damn' things were positively cavernous -- almost frighteningly so, especially considering my seat was in one of the "inside" blocks of seating, in between the aisles with absolutely no chance to check out the view. I was absolutely surrounded by people, and it felt really uncomfortable and disorienting somehow.

Still, it beat the hell out of my trip to Madrid on a Spanair DC9, which was the most absurdly cramped coach seating I'd ever ridden in. I could've sworn there was less space per person than in the old NASA Gemini capsule. At least the Gemini crewmen could almost fully extend their arms in front of them; good luck in coach aboard a DC9.


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