Facebook urges public exposure in 'privacy' revision



I ignored the faux-popup [IE cancelled it] this morning when I wanted to quickly upload a picture; I then went into the privacy settings. I'm assuming you only get the radio buttons if you agree to look at the privacy settings from that faux-popup 'window'.

Went through and th emost annoying thing was that under one setting [contacts, I think] there are drop downs for "everyone, Friends, friends of friends" but not one for "only me" - you have to go into Custom for that.

That reads as a deliberate attempt at obfuscating the option to not show your phone number, email addy etc to me - pretty shaky ground morally.

Off over to me dads later on to make sure he has set his one up properly - he's surprisingly savvy at this stuff for a sixty-something year old who's career is almost entirely unrelated to IT, but I do like to make sure he hasn't made any elimentary errors....just in case.

Not a massive fan of this, reeks of 'we want more advertisers to see your data' which while it is in their interests, isn't necessarily in the interests of 90% of their users...

Steven R


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