No more UFO reports please, says MoD

Beware, Ye Brits

Clearly this means that MoD has been compromised by the Pod-People from the Central Alien Galaxy of Zook. The National Health Service has already been compromised, how else to explain the failed IT projects; the Zookians can not abide an efficient NHS since that would uncover the extent to the which the pods have been implanted. The Monachy was taken over years ago until Princess Di threatened to blow their cover. Charles ears are actually satellite dishes for receiving their nefarious signals. And his preoccupation with architecture...just the sort of thing to cover up the electronic brain-mapping equipment meant to keep tabs on Brit brain function.

The surveillance cameras on every street corner and in every loo report back vital functions to the Great Zook. Aliens are recording every bit of information for a Grand Moronic Convergence scheduled for the next planet alignment. The combined gravitational influence plus the total informational awareness of the aliens can only point in one direction...the French. Repent now ye Brits, thy doom approacheth!!


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