hoovers up data on five-year-olds

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Nature Verus Nurture

This will become part of the Governments study of Nature Versus Nurture.

What is Nature Versus Nurture?

Simple question: Are children born with a predisposition to become little fuckers/murderers/muggers/terrorists.


Are little angels turned into little fuckers/murderers/muggers/terrorists by poor parenting?

Also: Is this child likely to ever have a job when it grows up. If your parents don't have a job then statistically you are less likely to have a job when you grow up.

So couple this information with a DNA Database then the Government will effectively be able to predict how much tax to charge those working parents to support the great unwashed and their desire for free broadband and SkyTV.

NuLabour - Rewarding failure since 1997 - Using science and research to justify the unjustifiable.


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